Mercator Fellow

Prof. Alexander, Patricia
Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland
Head of the Learning Research Lab


Intensive and continuous collaboration with higly renowned, international researchers is key to successful research and development in the FOR. Prof. Alexander, a distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland, Director of the Learning Research Lab and a long-term PLATO PI, is a world- leading expert in (digital) media literacy, multiple source use, and critical and relational reasoning, and developed the higly renowned Model of Domain Learning and the integrative Framework of Learning from Multiple (online) Texts, which the FOR stongly relies on in its research. FOR PIs have collaborated closely with Prof. Alexander for several years in joint projects (e.g., iPAL), joint publications, and sessions at conferences (e.g., AERA 2022). The long-term cooperation with Prof. Alexander offers the FOR significant added value through her unique, highly relevant expertise and her broad international network that increases the FOR's visibility. Prof. Alexander will serve as co-PI in A02 and B05, and supports the FOR researchers for the entire funding period in conceptual and methodological matters.