Research Focus

CORE aims to understand students’ self-directed learning on the Internet, their ability to process and select online information, and the key influences on students’ use of online sources in higher education. This understanding will enable us to leverage the Internet as an efficient learning tool and enhance the likelihood of achieving successful learning outcomes.

The Research Unit focuses on three areas:

(1) Critical online reasoning (COR) skills of university students in economics and medicine (including social sciences and physics as comparison disciplines) and the development of students’ COR skills over the course of their university studies.

(2) Characteristics of the online sources and content university students select and use for learning about course-related topics (online Information Landscape), including accuracy and comprehensibility, media and linguistic features, narrative frames, and latent meaning structures, and how they influence students’ source use in higher education.

(3) Relationship between (1) the level development of students’ COR skills, (2) the features of the online Information Landscape students use for their learning, and students’ learning success in higher education.